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Category: Papers

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OGP Conference Report

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CSO Media Release on Malawi AU Summit

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vetting Act Part 1.pdf

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vetting Act pg 2.pdf

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Vetting Substance pg 1.pdf

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Vetting Substance: Part 2

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Vetting Chart Procedure

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Open Letter from Kampala Terror Suspects -2010

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Symposium To Audit The Implementation Of Article 35 of The Constitution Of Kenya

Access to information in Kenya remains a challenge despite the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010, which under Article 35 guarantees the right of access to information for every Kenyan Citizen.

This is a summary of how far Kenya has made strides to achieve that end.

Created 03-Apr-2016   226.65 KB   1,246 Downloads

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The National Police Service Commission vetting documents

Vetting is a constitutional requirement Following the promulgation of the new Constitution, the entire legal framework for the police was redrafted, leading to the enactment of three distinct yet interrelated laws: the National Police Service Act, the National Police Service Commission Act, and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority Act. The NPS Act stipulates that all members of the NPS need to undergo vetting to assess their suitability and competence and can only remain in the Service when they pass the vetting- Section 7(2) and (3). The section stipulates that the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) is the institution tasked to carry out the vetting.

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