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Discussion Paper: Immunities in International Criminal Law The Challenges from Africa

The position taken by the African Union pertaining to immunities of Heads of State and other sitting officials under international criminal law, as evidenced in its adoption of a 2014 Protocol on Amendments to the Protocol on the Statute of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights, puts the continent directly in conflict with the scope of the International Criminal Court.

Given the complexity of the laws relating to immunities, both under customary international law and treaty law, it is paramount to crystallise the prevailing legal position, before evaluating strategies to affirm a commitment to closing the impunity gap in Africa.

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Letter to Saitoti on Notification of issuance of Provisonal Warrant for the arrest of President Al Bashir

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Chief Justice Speech on JWR Volume 10

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ICJ Kenya’s Position Paper on the appointment of the next Chief Justice as at Jan 2011

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