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Access to Information Law in Kenya Rationale and Policy Framework

Through this research, ICJ Kenya seeks to lay a policy foundation and rationale for the enactment of an access to information law in Kenya through highlighting the existing constitutional and statutory frameworks in the country and also provide comparative lessons from select jurisdiction on their existing legislative frameworks that govern the right. It is ICJ Kenya’s pleasure to avail this publication as a contribution to the field of access to information and the ongoing advocacy efforts for the enactment of an access to information legislative framework in Kenya.

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Parliamentary Watch Report Vol 1 Enhancing Parliament's Compliance with the Constitution of Kenya 2010

This publication presents research conducted on Building a democratic legislature in Kenya, the Code of Conduct for members of Parliament in Kenya and review of the Senate Standing Orders.

Some of the issues discussed in the researches include, the extent to which the Kenyan Legislature is democratic, a history of legislative reforms in Kenya, the new provisions in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 on the legislature, the various legislation touching on the Kenyan legislature’s conduct and a comparative analysis of various countries legislative code of conduct.

We are therefore pleased to make available this research as an important and timely contribution to the overall discussions now regarding Democratization of the Kenyan Parliament.

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Transitional Justice in Kenya-A Toolkit for Training and Engagement

Transitional Justice, as an evolving and contested concept and process, has become one of the major governance and reform projects for societies emerging from situations of oppressive rule and conflicts. It entails a number of mechanisms and tools, which must be applied within the specific contexts of the

countries in question. This Toolkit captures a number of transitional justice mechanisms and tools relevant to Kenya.


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