Dialogue forum on realizing the right to information in Bomet County (2)

The Kenyan Section of International Commission of Jurists (ICJ Kenya) held a dialogue forum with Bomet County Assembly members to discuss Access to Information, focusing on the County Access to Information Bill, 2015. The forum was held in Naivasha from 21- 23 January 2016.

The forum engaged county stakeholders in discussingthe right to access information and its benefits at the county level; raising awareness on the need to realize the right to access information at the county level, and sharing the content on a model bill on access to information. The forum also discussed international perspectives on access to information and the ties that realizing access to information can have on transparency, accountability, and good governance. 

The forum created a stronger understanding for participants on how their roles as Assembly members – one responsibility being oversight, was heavily interlinked with the need for greater access to information, which has to be regulated and born out of a legal framework.