Annual Jurists Conference 9 -13 November 2016

in Durban - South Africa

ICJ Kenya annually convenes an Annual Jurists Conference (AJC) whose main objective is to deliberate on emerging legal and human rights trends affecting the Continent. This year, ICJ Kenya will hold its AJC on 9th to 13th November 2016, in Durban, South Africa

The theme of this year’s AJC is “State of Democracy and Transitions in Africa: Addressing the Regression”. The conference will interrogate recent developments in relation to the rise of irresponsible leadership affecting the continent, the deficiency of political will for reform, as wells as socio-economic implications for the decline in democracy for the African citizen. The participants will seek to develop new strategies of countering these challenges, which increasingly pose a threat to democratic transitions across the continent.

Experts have been invited to develop thematic papers, which will form the technical backdrop to conference discussions. Plenary discussions facilitated by session chairs that will draw concrete recommendations and action plans to be followed up.

Accepted conference papers have been peer reviewed by three competent reviewers.

The presentations will then be published and disseminated after the conference.

Registration is NOW CLOSED